Our pizza comes from a deep passion....

I'm Davide, the owner of Camping Spiaggia. I have attended several courses over the years and in November 2015 I fulfilled my dream graduating at the “Italian Pizza Makers Academy” as a Master Instructor.


Our Pizza is made with selected and top quality ingredients.
Our flours come only from fully Biological Italian cultivations. The use of MOTHER YEAST in our dough makes our pizza fragrant, DIGESTIBLE and very tasteful.

For reservations: +39.333.1646551

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Our specialty is called “SCROCCHIARELLA”, a metre pizza Roman style.
Left to grow for at least 48 hours and served on wooden cutting boards, every mouthful of SCROCCHIARELLA is captivating and tasty, excellent to be shared with the family and friends on any occasion of cheerful parties.

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